Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sticky Step Two: Freshslice Pizza (now closed), 619 College St. a.k.a. "Big $ Pizza"

Sadly, the location of this next sticky step has closed down since The Pitiful Human-Lizard #1 was first published in 2014 and is still vacant as of this posting. On page one, the very first panel shows the storefront to "Big $ Pizza," which is actually 619 College Street, former home of Freshslice Pizza in Toronto's Little Italy district.

Storefront of the now defunct Freshslice Pizza at 619 College St. in Toronto's Little Italy.

The windows are papered over, so I couldn't get photos of the interior featured in the first two pages of the issue. Hopefully, whoever eventually moves into the space won't change up the interior too drastically and I'll be able to get some comparative photos in the future. For now though, the glass doors and windows facing the street will just have to satisfy.

"Big $ Pizza" from The Pitiful Human-Lizard #1 and the Freshslice Pizza storefront.

Inside "Big $ Pizza," a "CT24" news broadcast on television shows the Human-Lizard saving a child from a shop fire in Parkdale while a traffic cam shot of the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) at Erin Mills Parkway is shown above a headline describing a Scarborough man's arrest for indecent behavior in a mall food court and a quote from former Toronto Blue Jay Paul Molitor. CP24, Toronto's real 24-hour news broadcast outlet, actually shows a traffic cam at Southdown Road (the same street as Erin Mills Parkway south of the QEW).

"CT24" traffic cam of the QEW at Erin Mills Parkway and CP24's traffic cam of QEW at Southdown Rd.
If you're in Toronto and still want Freshslice pizza you're not completely out of luck, but you'll need to travel to North York to get it, since the only other Freshslice Pizza location still operating in Ontario is at 5223 Yonge Street.

Next up: The Pitiful Human-Lizard's day job!


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