Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sticky Step Six: The Entertainment District, John St. & Nelson St. a.k.a Club District

This is it! The "epic" first battle between the Human-Lizard and Johnny "Bodyrocks" Mancini on the streets of the Club District in this special, super-sized entry of "Sticky Footprints."

Jack Astor's Bar & Grill at 133 John St.

As the Human-Lizard rushes into the downtown core on the roof a speeding streetcar, trouble is brewing on the corner of John and Nelson Streets in the heart of Toronto's Entertainment District, also known as the Club District.

Johnny and Josie outside CIRCA Nightclub at 126 John St. and the Marshalls department store now in it's place.

Having just left the club at 126 John Street, Johnny "Bodyrocks" Mancini and his girlfriend Josie decide to grab a sausage on a bun from the street meat vendor just outside.

"Johnny Bodyrocks" and Josie in front of Jack Astor's Bar & Grill at 133 John St.

Pretty drunk from a night of clubbing, Johnny reacts violently to the vendor asking Josie what type of sausage she'd prefer.

Johnny tossing a hot dog vendor into the street outside CIRCA Nightclub and Marshalls at 126 John St.

Assuming the vendor had been speaking suggestively about Josie, Johnny Bodyrocks pulls him from the covered hot dog cart and throws him into the middle of John Street.

Jack Astor's Bar & Grill at 133 John St. and the corner of Nelson St.

As a crowd of onlookers and club-goers take photos and video, Johnny begins to throttle the poor defenseless vendor in front of Jack Astor's Bar & Grill, located at 133 John St.

The Human-Lizard to the rescue and Marshalls at 126 John St.

Just as it seems the hot dog vendor is about to get pounded into the asphalt by a now fully-enraged Bodyrocks, the Human-Lizard leaps to the rescue after climbing down the wall of CIRCA with his special glue gloves and boots to tackle Johnny to the ground.

CIRCA/Marshall' at 126 John St. and Milestones Grill & Bar at 132 John St.

Trying his best to project the air of a confident hero, Lucas quips hero banter at Johnny only to discover neither his adversary or the ever-increasing crowd of onlookers are taking him seriously at all.

Jack Astor's Bar & Grill at 133 John St.

Things get serious fast, though, as Lucas and Johnny trade blows in the street before the Lizard is tackled to the ground. Bodyrocks gives him the chance to give up and run, but the Human-Lizard is Toronto's sworn protector and isn't willing to give up so easily.

Johnny and Lucas in front of Milestones Grill & Bar at 132 John St.

Egging Johnny on with a snide reference to the overbearing Club douche's t-shirt print, Lucas goads him into charging like a bull and with a well-placed kick to his legs (thanks to BBJ Professor Marco's advice to work on his offensive moves) Lucas sends Bodyrocks crashing face-first into the rear fender of one of Toronto's ubiquitous orange and green Beck Taxis parked in front of Jack Astor's.

Johnny Bodyrocks face deep in the fender of a Beck Taxi in the middle of John Street.

With the fight now over, Johnny laying unconscious in the street and Lucas worrying that things may have escalated far too quickly and gotten out of control, he examines his injured mouth as the street meat vendor courteously picks up his rescuer's lost teeth and thanks the sticky-limbed hero for his timely intervention.

The Human-Lizard checking for his missing teeth in front of CIRCA and the entrance to Marshalls.

At that moment, a pair of Toronto's Mounted Police Service Officers, who routinely patrol through the streets of the Club District, especially on weekends, approach the scene from Richmond St. demanding that the Human-Lizard stop and explain himself.

The iconic MUCH Building at 299 Queen St. W. and The Ballroom at 145 John St.

Knowing the police don't take kindly to costumed vigilantes brawling in the streets, Lucas beats a hasty retreat by leaping onto the branch of the tree in front of Jack Astor's, using his special glue boots and gloves to climb up the front of the restaurant to the roof and safety.

The Human-Lizard making a fast exit up the front of Jack Astor's Bar & Grill at 133 John St.

Once on the roof and clear of the mounted police, Lucas quickly heads off towards the centre of downtown Toronto to clear his head and figure out what to do about his injuries . . .

The MUCH Building at 299 Queen St. W. as the Human-Lizard beats a hasty exit.

Although for years the space at 126 John St. had been the location of the super-nightclub CIRCA, recently the address has become the home of Toronto's downtown location for a Marshalls clothing department store. Want to shop at Marshalls, but would rather not risk getting in a tussle with Johnny Bodyrocks right outside? No problem! Just visit and shop in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Marshalls at 126 John St.
Among the restaurants featured in the background of Lucas and Johnny's not-quite-titanic first battle are Jack Astor's Bar & Grill at 133 John St, Milestones Grill & Bar at 132 John St. and The Ballroom: Sports & Bowl & Rock N' Roll at 145 John St, Toronto. For more information on each of these restaurants or to make reservations, please visit each of the following sites:

Milestones Grill & Bar at 132 John St.

Need to get around while you're downtown, but don't want to deal with the subway? You can always hail a Beck Taxi or schedule a pick up at Just make sure to check for face dents in the fender before you hop in, though.

The distinctive orange and green colours of a Beck Taxi, Toronto's best known cab service.
Click on, if you'd like to find out more about Toronto's Mounted Police Service.

Next up: The Human-Lizard takes a break from fighting crime while enjoying the view on the Rooftop Road to Yonge-Dundas Square!