Monday, May 30, 2016

Sticky Step Five: Captain's Treasures Antiques & Skyline Restaurant, 1424-6 Queen St. W.

Having recovered from the drug trial testing that sent him to the hospital overnight (which, since he lives in the Parkdale neighbourhood, would most likely have been Toronto Western Hospital at 399 Bathurst Street), and freshly limbered up from another class at TDOT BJJ, Lucas checks his messages, makes a few repairs to his Human-Lizard uniform and then suits up to go out on Friday night patrol.

Toronto Western Hospital at 399 Bathurst Street seen from the intersection at Nassau Street.

Now dressed as Toronto's pretty decent protector, The Human-Lizard, Lucas climbs out of the Secret Lizard Lair's second-floor window and leaps onto the roof of a passing streetcar heading into the downtown core.

The second-floor window of the Secret Lizard Lair and the streetcar cables over the street directly in front.

Zooming down Queen Street West, the Human-Lizard surfs a ride on top of the 501 Neville Park streetcar as it passes by two iconic Parkdale storefronts, The Skyline Restaurant and Captain's Treasures Antiques, identified by the windows of the apartments above.

The rooftops of 1424-6 Queen St. W. can be seen as the Human-Lizard zooms by on the roof of a passing streetcar.

Recently, it was reported that the Skyline Restaurant at 1426 Queen Street West would be closing it's doors permanently, but now that appears not to be the case. As it turns out, Jud Ruhl (former guitarist of 90s indie-rock band, The Gandarvas and more recently, The Beauties, as well as owner of two other downtown T.O. restaurants, The Wallflower and The 3 Speed) has stepped in with his sister Maggie to preserve and revitalize the iconic Parkdale dining institution.

The Skyline Restaurant and Captain's Treasures Antiques at 1424-6 Queen St. W.

To get a look at the best booty on the internet (at least according to Captain's Treasure's Antiques, anyway) set course for the second star on the right and click on to:

Next up: The Pitiful Human-Lizard's first battle with "Johnny Bodyrocks" in the Club District!


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