Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sticky Step Three: Scotia Plaza, 40 King St. W.

When he's not saving the streets of Toronto from monster attacks and villainy of both the super and mundane variety as the Human-Lizard, Lucas Barrett does his best to pay the bills by turning numbers into pie charts and generating fiscal quarter reports at his day job at Scotia Plaza in Toronto's downtown Financial District at 40 King St. W.

The front entrance to Scotia Plaza at 40 King St. W. in Toronto's Financial District.

Built over the original 27-storey Bank of Nova Scotia building located at 44 King St. W (which was originally constructed between 1946 and 1951 and designated as a significant building to Toronto's culture and history in 1975), Scotia Plaza's more modern 68 storey-tower was constructed between 1985 and 1988 and also extends 6 stories underground, the deepest any building in Canada had ever been excavated at the time of it's construction. In addition (and probably of greatest interest to low-level Toronto villain Warshell), Scotia Plaza's basement houses the only gold bullion bank vault in Canada. So Lucas doesn't just jockey a desk in a downtown Toronto office day in and day out, he's actually protecting the Canadian version of Fort Knox!

The iconic tower of Scotia Plaza soars over the original Bank of Nova Scotia building as the Trump International Hotel & Tower, located at 311 Bay St., stands in the background.

As Lucas leaves work for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he sees Mother Wonder taking down one of the many monsters that have recently begun to spring up and plague the city. Although I'm sure the building in the background is located somewhere in the Financial District, I haven't found this exact spot just yet. So if there's a Pitiful Human-Lizard reader who recognizes the scene depicted, don't keep it a secret! Let me know and I'll be sure to update the post and give credit to the eagle-eyed reader who can correctly identify the setting.

Lucas leaves work for the gym and sees Mother Wonder proving why she's Toronto's greatest hero.

For more information on Scotia Plaza, you can also visit their website:

Next up: Learn where The Pitiful Human-Lizard keeps in shape and practices his fight moves!


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