Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sticky Step Nine: George's Gourmet Hot Dog Cart at Bobbie Rosenfeld Park, 280 Bremner Blvd.

While Lucas Barrett, a.k.a. The Human-Lizard, contends with overly curious rats and lab technicians at the Secret Lizard Lair in Parkdale, word is also getting around about his adventures throughout the city.

Just outside Rogers Centre, next to Bobbie Rosenfeld Park at 280 Bremner Blvd.

Outside of Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays, and next to the tiny green space known as Bobbie Rosenfeld Park, several Jays fans standing in line at one sausage stand recount the story of the Human-Lizard's daring rescue of another street meat vendor in the Club District the night before.

Jays fans getting their street meat on.

The conversation quickly devolves into speculation and gossip about who Toronto's newest super-hero is, one of them even suggesting that he'd dated the Human-Lizard's sister once, though it sounds like he has no idea what he's really talking about.

Ordering the spicy Italian sausage.

Still in the exact same spot on Bremner Blvd., George's Gourmet hot dog cart (#3368) has been serving up street meat to hungry baseball fans for a while now. Although he'd started a long way off from where the Blue Jays play, George has been in the hot dog business for over forty years and has been a fixture outside Rogers Centre for quite some time.

George's Gourmet Hot Dog Cart.

George himself was taking the day off when I'd visited, but his grandson was manning the grill in his absence and was happy to chat with me, giving me a brief history of George's Gourmet cart. He was also especially proud to learn that his grandfather had been featured in a Toronto super-hero comic, even taking a few pictures of the panel featuring George so he could show the rest of his family, proving once again that the Human-Lizard really is the beloved protector of the city's street meat vendors.

George's grandson giving the hot dog gourmet a well-deserved day off.

Next up: Lucas heads into the city on foot, but runs into some sidewalk trouble right in front of Alexandria Falafel and Motel Bar!


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