Monday, August 29, 2016

Sticky Step Eight: The Secret Lizard Lair, 1381 Queen St. West.

With nothing happening in the downtown core (and no one to patrol with anyway), the Human-Lizard gives up on the seemingly abandoned Yonge-Dundas Square to head home for the night. However, the next morning he experiences not one, but two rude awakenings as he discovers a swarm of brightly coloured rats all over his apartment! While alarmed at first, Lucas quickly assesses the situation and phones up his buddy, Kenneth Kozlow (a.k.a. Majestic Rat), to tell him to call off his telepathically influenced subjects.

Jerry the lab tech leaving the Secret Lizard Lair.

Then a knock at the door from Jerry, the Walmer + Corp. lab technician, complicates things further as he asks Lucas if he'd recovered from the negative effects of the drug he'd tested earlier in the week, which had landed him in the hospital. Lucas tells Jerry he's fine and quickly dismisses him as Majestic's second wave of rat subjects arrives to call back the first scouting party. As Jerry exits Lucas' building, the address number is seen on the front door, revealing the now not so Secret Lizard Lair to be on the second floor (Apt. #202) of 1381 Queen St. West in Parkdale.

1381 Queen St. West, home of the Human-Lizard.

Depending on your opinion, it's either appropriate or ironic that Toronto's street-level defender of justice just happens to live right above a lawyer's office. Although the ground floor entry of 1381 Queen St. West is depicted as the entrance to the second floor apartments in the The Pitiful Human-Lizard, it's actually the front door to the bustling offices of the Morris Goldstein Law firm on the ground floor.

The offices of Morris Goldstein Law located at 1381 Queen St. West.

Next up: News of the Human-Lizard's heroism spreads to George's Gourmet hot dog cart next to Bobbie Rosenfeld Park at 280 Bremner Blvd!


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