Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sticky Step Sixteen: Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), 100 Queens Park - Part 3: Rock Vs. Hard Place

Impaled on a human-monstrosity running at high speed for a fourth floor window of the ROM would be cause for alarm for anyone, but not the Human-Lizard. Thanks once again to his regenerative abilities, Lucas recovers just in time to dislodge himself from Bodyrocks' shoulder spikes and clings to the outside wall of the ROM's Michael Lee-Chin Crystal using his sticky boots and gloves while Johnny plunges to the sidewalk below.

Bodyrocks discovers the one enemy he can't defeat is gravity.

Scaling down the side of the wall, Lucas assesses the damage wrought by the encounter while still keeping a cautious distance from his spike-plated adversary. Coming in for a closer look, the Human-Lizard suddenly leaps back as Bodyrocks' prone figure slumps to the sidewalk with a thud.

The Human-Lizard warily approaches Bodyrocks after taking a header into the sidewalk.

It's not over yet, though, as Johnny stirs and pulls his bloodied and broken form up from the shattered concrete in an attempt to settle the score. In the end though, as Bodyrocks turns around to face his hated enemy and Lucas gets a clear look at his freshly rearranged face, it's clear that the fight really is finished.

Face first into the shattered concrete and Bodyrocks still won't give up.

Just like their first fight in the Club District, Johnny's reckless charging winds up with him taking a hit to the face that leaves him dazed, pain-wracked and, this time around, even blinded in one eye for his trouble. In the end, it takes only the slightest poke for Lucas to knock him over and out cold.

Lucas does his best not to lose his lunch after seeing Bodyrocks' wrecked face.

Later, in a classroom somewhere in Toronto, Barb (first seen earlier in the issue on a rooftop patio with her friends) is teaching a class of grade school kids. One student recounts his visit to the museum the day before, witnessing the battle between the Human-Lizard and "a horny, giant man." The students are enthralled by the adventures of Toronto's newest super-hero, but Barb remains unimpressed.

Next up: Mother Wonder battles Rabb the Malevolent outside Honest Ed's in a parody of the classic Hostess Fruit Pie comicbook ads!


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