Saturday, April 23, 2016

Special Sticky Step: The Pitiful Human-Lizard Day in Mississauga!

One post in and already breaking from formula with this special installment, but I didn't want to let the chance to mention The Pitiful Human-Lizard Day in Mississauga pass. Yesterday saw the coming together of creator Jason Loo, editor Allison O'Toole, issue #7 variant cover artist Jamal Campbell and backup story artist/creator (and variant cover artist for the forthcoming issue #8) Adam Gorham for a special day at Gotham Central Comics & Collectibles commemorating The Pitiful Human-Lizard #7, the first comic to feature both the city and superheroes of Mississauga.

Left to right: Adam Gorham, Jason Loo, Allison O'Toole & Jamal Campbell

 Available exclusively at Gotham Central, the EH! variant cover by Jason Loo features the store's front entrance in a secret scene with the Human-Lizard and the flying beast (previously seen in the Mother Wonder Made-In-Chinatown mini-comic) that takes place between their take-off from Nodo in the Junction and final crash-landing in the Heartland Town Centre parking lot (it'll still be a few weeks before we get to the full coverage of issue #7, but I promise we'll get there!).

The EH! variant cover of TPHL #7 and the storefront of Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles

The exclusive EH! variant cover is limited to only 200 copies, so head down to Gotham Central Comics & Collectibles to get yours at 1400 Aimco Blvd. in Mississauga.


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